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When it comes to safety supplies, Bolt & Nut Supply Ltd has it all. We have hoodies and safety glasses for your protection. They are light weighed and are competitively priced.

Our hoodies are with detachable hood, full length durable front zipper, front kangaroo pocket and is 100% polyester.   For Winter we also offer a variety of Cold Weather Parkas at extremely competitive pricing.  See below for choices - stocks are limited.

We have variety of safety glasses in stock which includes clear glass, blue smoke glass, Amber glass, smoke mirror glass and much more.

Call our sales rep or visit one of our locations.

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Ice SaltDecking Screws in JarDecking Screws in PailSafety Hoodie Safety GlassesReady for Winter PromoHi Vis Jacket Promo

If you are looking for signs and labels, we carry lots.

View Signs & Labels

If you are looking for gloves, we offer a full product range, from cotton lightweight to heavy industrial and specialty gloves.

Monkey GloveStealth GlovesGloves That Work For Everyone

Some of our current promotions and deals are for:

  • Gloves that work for everyone
  • Monkey gloves
  • Stealth gloves
  • Safety hoodie with detachable hood
  • Lightweight safety glasses
  • Decking screws
  • And so much more

To request all the promotions including pricing, please email our sales team at

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